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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I place an order?

We are only able to take on a limited number of bookings each week, some dates get booked far in advance. The summer season is extremely busy, but I would recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Do you deliver cakes or do I collect?

We offer free delivery within West Sussex, or you can collect your cake from our Studio in East Worthing (at an agreed time)

What's the best way to transport cakes?

I recommend transporting cakes in the car boot, as this is flat. Make sure the boot is empty so nothing can fall into the cake. If you have any non-slip mats then these are really handy, but if not then just drive carefully.  

Do I need to store the cake in the fridge?

Cakes are best stored at room temperature. Once the cake is cut, you should wrap the cake with cling film, to keep it air-tight and fresher for longer. 

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We can create Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy Free and Nut Free cakes, however, all our cakes are cooked in a kitchen which handles these allergens so we cannot guarantee that there will not be any traces in your cake. 

How do I choose the cake I want?

There is a great source of cake inspiration online, we can take inspiration from images you have found, or we can design a cake from scratch based on a theme or style. 

How do I know what size cake I need?

The size of the cake you need is based on how many people you would like the cake to serve. Get in touch, via email, and we can let you know what size cake we recommend for your number of guests. 

Do you only make celebration cakes?

No, we also supply everyday cakes such as Brownies and Lemon Drizzles, these can be found on our Online Shop. We also can provide catering for special events. 

If you have any questions, then please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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