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What happens at a Wedding Cake Tasting Consultation?

Wedding Cake Tasting Consultations are a fun experience when planning for your wedding, so we thought we would give you an insight to what happens at a consultation and ways to get prepared.

We feel it is important to work closely with you to design your perfect wedding cake, we offer a friendly yet professional experience from the design to delivery.

When looking for wedding cakes, it is be beneficial if you consider:

1. How many would you like your cake to cater for?

2. What is your overall theme for your wedding?

3. What is your colour scheme?

4. What flowers would you like?

5. Would you like any text on your cake?

6. What is your budget?

7. Is your cake going to be dessert, or just a small sample for your guests?

8. Would you consider a dessert table?

9. Can we help you with party favours?

10. Would cupcakes or biscuits be of interest to you?

These thoughts can be useful to bring along with you to your consultation as then we can move onto the tasting and design process quicker.

The consultation tends to occur around 6 - 9 months before your wedding date. At the consultation, you will try samples of our scrumptious cakes, as well as look through our wedding cake album for design inspiration. We will also talk through your design ideas. It is also useful if you could bring colour swatches, invitations and pictures of your flowers so we can ensure your wedding cake will match your theme for the special day, if you don't have these in time for the consultation then that is not a problem as we can arrange a time to collect these at a later date. Pinterest is a great source to look at for wedding cake inspiration, and we can combine parts of decoration from your favourite cakes to create your perfect cake!

Following the consultation, you will receive a written quotation including full details of your chosen design, flavours and a delivery time.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation then please email us at


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