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Hello and Welcome!

I began my cake business journey in October 2017.

I finished college in the summer so decided to launch right in to creating my own business.

I made cakes for friends and family since I was very little and my favourite part about creating a cake is seeing the face of the customer when they see their cake for the first time!

I was looking forward to getting this reaction more and more when running my cake company.

I knew setting up a business would be a challenge but it has been so exciting and honestly a lot of fun!

Today I thought I would share with you my Favourite Parts of running Rose Petal Cake Company so far..

1) Christmas Markets

When I started my company, I focused on getting many Christmas markets booked in the calendar. They were a great way of meeting new people and letting them know about the services I offer. We sold lots of yummy treats including cupcakes and brownies! I thoroughly enjoyed trading at the markets as they were always positive and festive and full of wonderful people.

2) Shoreham Herald

I was so excited to be featured in the Shoreham Herald. It was lovely that people were becoming aware of my company.

3) Beef Wellington Cake

My favourite cake that I have made so far in 2018 had to be the Beef Wellington Cake, when I received a call to make this I was shocked as it was an unusual request (I didn’t even know what beef wellington was!). But when I started creating the cake, it started coming to life, looking more and more realistic. When the cake was finished, it didn’t even look like a cake, it looked like freshly baked pastry. I am now looking forward to getting unusual cake requests!

4) Launch Event

After all of the Christmas markets, I decided to focus on expanding my company and creating Wedding Cakes as this was something I have always dreamed of doing. I felt the best way to promoting our wedding cakes would be at a Launch Party! The event went perfectly and I hope that everyone that came along enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I am looking forward to putting on more events in the future.

So they are my highlights so far, I am looking forward to see how the company will develop. I have lots of ideas for the future and cannot wait to tell you all about them.

Wishing you a happy and amazing week.



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